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Limb Loss Prevention - Overview

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The Limb Loss Prevention part of the Center aims to reduce functional and anatomical limb loss by exploring the disease processes that lead to aberrant limb function and by developing novel, state-of-the-art technologies for studying the foot. Our research into Limb Loss Prevention will focus on two Veteran populations: those with musculoskeletal impairment at the foot and ankle, where pain and limitations in mobility are the key issues, and those who are at risk of lower limb amputation secondary to diabetes and foot ulceration, where the physical loss of part of the lower extremity is a major concern. The goals of our Limb Loss Prevention research will include: (1) quantitative comparison of different treatment options for foot deformities that can lead to loss of limb function, (2) insight into the pathomechanics of diabetic foot ulcer formation, and (3) novel research tools that can be employed in a wide range of clinical studies.

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Willam R. Ledoux, Ph.D.
Seattle VA Medical Center, University of Washington

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Wesley Edmundson

VA Puget Sound Health Care System, ms 151
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